Squaredy Cats – It’s Hip To Be Square (Cats)!

We saw lots of unique and new things at the NY Toy Fair this year (and, sadly, lots we missed!)… We had these square plush cats on our radar after seeing all of the buzz they were generating on Twitter.

What we didn’t know was that you guys wanted to know more too!  Like, before we even got a chance to see them! You asked for it, so, here it is!

What is a Squaredy Cat?

Squaredy Cat’s have a saying about themselves :

“It’s about personality, it’s about mood, it’s about expression!”

Sure, there’s that. Turns out, they’re fun, soft, and they are cute too.

Don’t believe me? Check out our video :

You’ve got Honey, Giggles, Shimmer, Tiger Lily, Candle, Midnight, Cheeri, and Gigi. Coming in at $9.99 online, it’s really worth looking at if you are on the hunt for something cute and unique!

One of the nice touches are are the “whimsical statements of courage and pride”.

There are actually over 300 different Squaredy Cats designs by the creative team at Monkey Doodle Dandy. For starters though, GUND has released their first series of eight Squaredy Cats on February 15th, 2011. Hopefully all 300 will see the light of day!

After poking around, we noticed that some of the Squaredy Cats are selling out!  Well, zooLert to the rescue.  We created a Squaredy Cats In Stock Tracker!

Gallery :

Sample was provided for review. Opinions remain my own.

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