Patch Treasurechest Lalaloopsy UPC Code – Find Him In Stock!

Following an AWESOME lead from Bratz Heaven on the Lalaloopsy Facebook page, I looked a bit deeper to see if any of the UPC databases online had the info as well.

Indeed.  Indeed they do!

So, go forth!

Ok.. maybe I should add more to the “go forth”!  This is HUGE because instead of running from store to store… Or, trying to hunt down someone in toys… In theory, anyone (including front desk customer service people) should be able to do a quick lookup to see if it is in stock with the UPC code of 035051506607!

Good luck everyone, and, please… Let us know your success! (or, lack there of.)

I would try Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us.

This helped me find the behind the scenes Amazon link for Patch too!  Check it!  It’s not live in a search result, but, it is on Amazon!

(we will be adding this amazon link to the Patch tracker soon!)

And, perhaps we will see the west coast to east coast movements again?  Perhaps…

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And we are also tracking it online to see if we can catch the Patch Treasure chest Boy Lalaloopsy In Stock online at retail!

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