Nintendo 3DS Brings Netflix To The (really) Small Screen

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to heavily consider the Nintendo 3DS

Today, at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Nintendo announced that Netflix IS coming to the new handheld this summer.  And, they are working with content providers to have media in 3D like movie trailers!  And, you will even be able to shoot 3D movies.. Not just pictures!

But they didn’t stop there.

They are adding a wireless partnership with AT&T.  With this, it should make it easier to connect to the ‘net while on the run.

And… They also teased the killer app – Mario 3D, tentatively being called Super Mario!  Check it out with the help of the Internets and this site called YouTube (and !) :

All this, and, no glasses needed!

In short, the magic is in the device itself.  By switching a “barrier”, it simulates you blinking your eyes … which gives the appearance of a 3D image.  Well, that’s the super short version at least.

How’s that for tempting the gadget tummy?

Let us help you find it in stock too. We have a Nintendo 3DS In Stock Tracker, but, if you are reading this early in March when we are putting it out there… You can still find it in stock, for preorder, at Amazon!

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