Cabbage Patch Kids Are Getting Current Day Personalities

At the 2011 NY Toy Fair, one of our big regrets is that we didn’t get to tour the JAKKS Pacific showroom. We ran out of time. One thing that we are getting info on post show is the new Cabbage Patch Kids line, Fashionalities :

This image was posted on the Cabbage Patch Kids Blog :

These dolls are going to clock in at 14″ and have personalities that match today’s kids… Skaters, Prepsters, Artsy, and more. All coming in August of 2011!

Check the full press release below for all the info!

Press Release :

Deeply rooted in popular culture throughout several generations, over 123 million Cabbage Patch Kids have been ‘adopted’ to date. Cabbage Patch Kids will experience an exciting rebirth this Fall as JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (Nasdaq: JAKK) is expected to launch a line of fashion-forward ‘Kids and Toddlers with a contemporary new look and interactive play features to appeal to a new generation of Cabbage Patch Kids lovers, while still embracing the uniqueness and adoptability that Moms remember and love. Coinciding with the launch, JAKKS and Cabbage Patch Kids creators Original Appalachian Artworks will connect generations of adoptive Cabbage Patch Kids parents through a Connecting the Generations campaign that will promote the importance of genealogy and signify the rich tradition of the realistic looking, adoptable and lovable ‘Kids that are “just like me!”

All of the Cabbage Patch Kids adopted to date can circle the world and give it a big hug!

JAKKS will appeal to new fans of Cabbage Patch Kids with an entirely new crop of one-of-a-kind ‘Kids with a contemporary positioning and modern style that today’s kids can relate to. Get ready! Fashion dolls meet large dolls with the new Cabbage Patch Kids Fashionalities. Standing 14” tall with beautiful silky hair, these dolls each feature a different Fashionality™ style that little girls and boys can all relate to! Twelve unique personalities will appeal to kids today from ‘prepsters’ and ‘skateboarders’, to ‘girly girls’ and ‘artsy’ girls. There’s a style for every personality! Just like Mom’s Cabbage Patch Kid, each ‘Kid comes with a unique one-of-a-kind name, Birth Certificate® and a unique code to download the heart warming Cabbage Patch Kids video “The New Kid”! (SRP $34.99) Ages 3+

Additional Cabbage Patch Kids planned to launch this Fall include the Cabbage Patch Kids A,B,C — Play With Me line features cute and cuddly Toddlers with the same soft and cuddly body as regular ‘Kids but with fun interactive features! The Cabbage Patch Kids A,B,C — Play With Me Toddler sings the ABC’s, plays the kazoo, slurps from an Apple & Eve Fruitables juice box, giggles and laughs, and even babbles when you put your finger to his or her lips! (SRP $34.99) Ages 3+

The new and interactive Cabbage Patch Kids “Dirty to Clean” Bath Newborns are a fun way to introduce the younger set to Cabbage Patch Kids! Babies love to play, so it is important to scrub them clean. The adorable Cabbage Patch Kids “Dirty to Clean” Bath Newborns feature a cool color-change feature! Each newborn will appear dirty, then with a magic mommy touch, take the wash cloth and wipe them clean and see the dirt disappear! (SRP $19.99) Ages 3+

The “Family Reunion Sweepstakes” encourages families to learn about their roots by building their family tree and registering to win a family reunion for up to 12 of their family members at BabyLand General® Hospital, the home of the Cabbage Patch Kids in the beautiful Northern Georgian Mountains. Tour the grounds, witness a “live” birth of a Cabbage Patch Kid and enjoy a magical, CPK-themed party with their family! The “Family Reunion Sweepstakes” begins August 1, 2011 and ends December 31, 2011 and the winner will be announced no later than April 2012. For more information, visit In addition, a number of social media activities and partnerships are slated for the relaunch.

The new crop of Cabbage Patch Kids from JAKKS Pacific is slated to be available at retailers nationwide in August 2011.

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