Japanese Nintendo 3DS Unboxing And First Impressions

It’s out.  The Nintendo 3DS has landed.  Well, in Japan at least.  Matter of fact, some places like Hong Kong saw it a couple of days early… but, either way, it’s out-out in another part of the world…. So, what do people think?

We have a collection of videos for those of you that can’t wait for the eventual US release date of March 27th in North America.

Here’s some video from YouTube! *

* warning : these are not in english, and there are some that are… but, the overview is terrific in these videos to get a real impression of how it looks, works, the packaging, etc!

From Japan, Nintendo 3DS Unboxing & First Impressions :

From Japan, Nintendo 3DS Unboxing & First Impressions Part 2 :

3D Pictures taken with the Nintendo 3DS :

Did you order yours yet?

Don’t forget, we’re tracking the Nintendo 3DS availability in North America and looking to see when it comes in stock!

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