Hexbug Nano – Now, They Glow In The Dark – Video Review

What Is This Toy All About?

It’s a Hexbug Nano with a small, but, noticeable difference!  Glow in the Dark.  If you’re one of the few who haven’t heard of (or seen them scurrying around) Hexbug Nanos, here is a quick introduction!  Hexbug Nano’s are little robotic creatures that actually behave like real, live bugs.  They use vibrations to move themselves around and explore.  They are about 1 inch long and come in several different colors!  Perfect for any little guy or girl who loves creepy crawlies!

The Hands On Video:

Things We Love!

  • Batteries included!
  • They glow in the dark!
  • From Tommy – “I like how they flip!”. Hexbug Nano’s can flip back up into position all on their own.
  • You can register your Hexbug Nano online. Keep track of your collection, play games and learn about science!
  • They move fast so they’re fun to chase – especially if you’re a cat!

What’s In The Box??

  • 1 Glow in the Dark Hexbug Nano…and technically it’s a tube!

Some things you should know.

  • Although it comes in 5 different colors you will not be able to choose the color when ordering online. Some colors are more rare than others.
  • Colors are: Black, Red, Green, White and Blue.
  • It comes with batteries but you can purchase extras for around $3.00
  • Habitats are sold separately.

Age Range

5 years or older

Price range

MSRP is $9.99

Where to buy

Hexbug.com for now.  More to come!

Gallery :

Sample provided for review.  Opinion remains my own.

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