Moon Dough Magic Zoo Review – Abracadabra, Walk!

When we were introduced to Moon Dough Magic Barnyard a few months back I knew it would be a big winner in our house! We’ve since received the Moon Dough Magic Zoo and again Spin Master didn’t disappoint.

What Is This Toy All About?

The Moon Dough Magic Zoo lets you create three different zoo animals that actually walk! Check out the video!

The Hands On Video:

Things We Love!

  • Gets your kids away from the TV and into some creative play! With all the snow, ice and cold weather it can be hard to keep your kids entertained 24/7!  With Moon Dough in your arsenal of mom approved playtime they’ll have a harder time saying “we’re booooored!”
  • No need to buy extra parts! There is nothing worse than opening a box and realizing that you either can’t play with it as is or that it won’t be as much fun if you don’t run out and buy $10 worth of “accessories”! The box includes everything you need to use the toy to its full potential! I’ll list exactly what comes in it in the “What’s In The Box??” section!
  • Moon Dough never dries out! …EVER! In our last Moon Dough review we left it sitting out for days and we had no issues!
  • Wheat-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive little hands!
  • NO BATTERIES!! I love any toy that doesn’t make me run around stealing batteries from various remotes and toys!

What’s In The Box??

EVERYTHING! More specifically…

  • Three zoo animal molds! Gorilla, penguin and bear.
  • Three packs of Moon Dough! Orange, purple and white.
  • One Popper fence mold.
  • Two wind up feet. One orange and one purple!
  • Zoo with magic door to make the animals come alive!
  • Stickers to decorate the zoo.
  • Directions.

Some things you should know.

As I mentioned in our last Moon Dough review it can make a mess…but it cleans up very easily. My kids play with it on the dining room table and get it all over my upholstered chairs and wood floors. I just brush it off the chair (even when it’s been smooshed in) and sweep it up off the floor. Super easy.

We did find that the speed at which you turn the crank and how much you “pack in” the moon dough is related to your end result.  Getting the technique down however didn’t stop Tommy from playing with it for a good 45 minutes this afternoon!

Age Range

3 Years and Up

Price range

You can pick it up at a MSRP of $20.00

Where to buy

Since it’ a new toy, it is just starting to roll out, but, expect to find it very soon at AmazonWalmartTargetToys R Us, and more!!

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Sample was provided for review.  Opinion remains my own.

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