Go Crazy with Glow Crazy! Hands On Video Review

What kid do you know that doesn’t love glow in the dark toys and coloring?  Now add that to being able to color on the walls  (from up to 10ft away) and you’ve got Glow Crazy!

What Is This Toy All About?

Glow crazy uses a light wand that beams light from up to ten feet away to make it’s mark on the reusable canvas decal. Check out the video below to see exactly how it works!

*While watching the video please be aware it is brighter in real life.  Capturing the video for the review and letting just enough light in to see at all was a big balancing act.

BONUS : The commercial from New Zeland :

Things We Love!

  • No mess! (OK thats more of a thing I love…Tommy doesn’t really care about that one!)
  • The canvas decals stick on the walls, ceiling and windows but do no damage. They stay stuck for the most part and peel of with no trouble…So if you’re worried about your little one staying up all night playing just take the canvas off the wall!
  • You can draw free hand or use stencils.
  • Gives your kids (or yourself) a new and creative way of showing off their artistic abilities!
  • Dual action Light Wand – make wide beams or thin beams.

What’s In The Box??

  • Dual Action Magic Light Wand
  • 2 Large Reusable Wall Canvas Clings
  • 4 Stencils
  • Tip booklet

Some things you should know

  • Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • There is a warning about shining the light in your eye – so keep it away from smaller children

Age Range

Ages 6 and up – Glow Crazy does offer products for kids 3 and up as well. Check out their website for more information!

Price range

You can purchase it from the Glow Crazy website for around $25 plus shipping.

Where to buy


You should also be able to purchase at your local Walmart.  Call ahead to see if has been stocked!

Gallery :

Sample provided for review.  Opinion remains my own.

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