Three Years of zooLert, Three Design Changes.

When Tony and I started the site nearly three years ago, it was a very simple design.  VERY simple.

Heck, we only tracked one thing.  We started it to help people find the Nintendo Wii.  Sounded simple enough.  We had the tools, and, we decided to open them up to the world after we were able to finally get ours.

(for those that don’t remember or were living under a rock, Nintendo Wiis were VERY hard to get when they first came out.)

It’s almost laughable at how different things are.  Makes me chuckle a bit.  …

So much has changed.  We do so much more.

Problem is, we were growing too quick and too much for the zooLert 2.0 design.  What was once simple became cumbersome.  Too much data, too many steps, and just chaos.

But, you guys continued to use it.  Bless you.  You managed.  Sometimes not without your share of frustration, but, I digress.

(and a special shoutout to all of you that kept coming back to the forums … tony and i always loved having the back and forth with all of you.  this year, we thought we would try that “social” thing.  seems to be going well, but, we want the forums back too.  we think we can help them finally find a true place on the site… we’re working on that too.)

What’s even more impressive to us is you guys kept coming back for more.  We have people that have been with us since the start of the site!  Still!  And, you told us about hot and upcoming toys.  Told us what to track.  Helped us build the site…  But, we never had the chance to rehaul things.  We just kept adding data… and more data… and more.

So, instead of going into hibernation during the “off-season” (read : non-holidays) this year, we launched the blog.  It’s a very new venture for those of you that have just started taking notice of us because of the blog.  Hi to all of you!

And, as we get new visitors, they have new expectations and assumptions.   And, some of the history is hard to explain.

We’re trying to make it easier.  So, starting today, we are replacing our current main home page with a new one.

zooLert 3.0  (no relation to the web 2.0.  this is simply our 3rd revision of the site.  but, we are getting very web 2.0 with this redesign!) :

We’ve been working with an AMAZING artist.  Jerrod Maruyama.  His stuff is amazing.  Check it out when you get a chance.  Go buy some of his stuff.  You’ll want to get it soon though.  He’s getting a lot of attention.  Now is your chance to get it cheap before he catches on to just how good he is and increases his price 10x!

So, as we move forward, you’ll be seeing more of this site look and feel taking over the entire site.

We are looking to make things easier.  It’s not been our strength in the past, but, we are trying to change that.

What else is in zooLert 3.0?  Lots!  More toy information.  More toy reviews.  More trackers.  Simpler processes.  MORE GIVEAWAYS!!


Shhhh.  It’s coming.  Soon.

We’re slowly (emphasis on slow so we don’t break the old site) converting everything over to the new look and feel.  It will take some time, but, we are committed.  It’s going to be worth it.

We’d LOVE to hear your feedback!  Let us know in the comments if the new home page is making more sense!


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