Cool Stuff From the Toy Aisles – 02/01/11

With the Nickelodeon debut of the new Power Rangers Samurai show only days away, it seems like more and more licensed goodies are hitting the toy shelves.

In this official “blurry cam” photo, you can see that not only are there an array of different action figures, but, also a lot of accessories like action swords, motorcycles, and more.

This collection of goodies was from the local Toys R Us.  I have seem similar stashes of Power Ranger Samurai toys at Target and Walmart, but, this one was the biggest collection I have seen thus far.

If you have a little one at home that is getting excited (or, if you are a grown up with fond memories of Power Rangers), prepare to have your wallet assaulted 🙂

Here’s a promo spot for the new show if you haven’t seen it as well :

Looks like they have captured that classic Power Rangers qwirky-cam ala Ultraman pretty well!

And, if you are feeling nostalgic, there is always Ebay!

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