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WowWee Lite Sprites – Magic Wands & Fairies, Together

Little girls love Fairies. And, they love magic wands. Mix them together, and what do you get?

You get WowWee’s upcoming Fall 2011 toy, Lite Sprites.

Sadly, we missed this one (along with another personal Toy Fair favorite of mine, Light Strike) but, one of our fellow bloggers, GayNYCDad (tell him we sent him your way!), whom we met at the Zhu Zhu Pet event, was nice enough to get the footage above. Thanks, Mitch!

Something tells me with a couple of TV ads… we will be making some trackers for this one.

The range on the sets for this are from $19.99 to $39.99.

From what I have gathered, the idea behind the toy is that the wand can inherit color from any object. Once taken in, the color can be shared amongst the other toys in the lineup.

In another video on the net, there is mention of a “Bleak” character which can interfere with the colors.

There’s something about this one that just makes you want to try it. That’s a pretty good indicator this may be one to watch.


¡Viva la Revolución! – Ants In Neon On Your Ceiling!

Old school ant farms seem so… not technical these days, right? I mean, sure, they have a lot of nostalgia to them with a heavy side of fun gross-your-sister-out, but, they are a bit low tech when you consider the originals were made by Uncle Milton back in the 1950’s.

But, just how do you update the ant farm?

See those Ant Farm Revolution boxes? That’s how.

By putting a neon glow on your ceiling, of course 🙂

Here’s how we understand it to work in our post Toy Fair haze.

Being a second version of the tunneling gel-filled habitats, the tube again loses its sand based past and fills the twists and turns with a green goo. This same green goo, when lit with the LED lights inside, cast ant shadows playing in the night on your ceiling!

Gross and awesome all at the same time. There’s something fascinating in seeing them walking around, but… at that size projected on the ceiling.. Oh boy.

We’ll be bringing you more on this one for sure!

It will be coming this Fall for around $34.99.

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Raisels – A Raisin With A Bit Of A Punch! Giveaway!

Raisels are new, healthy and natural alternative to fruit snacks and candy! They’re fruity flavored golden raisins with a little kick of sour!

Things We Love!

  • Great alternative to fruit snacks that offer very little nutritional value.
  • They’re rich in antioxidants, fat free and cholesterol free.
  • They have NO sodium, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.
  • They contain 100% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.
  • They have less sugar than some other dried fruits.
  • Super sour taste so kids love them!
  • 5 great flavors – Sour Peach Pucker, Sour Lemon Blast, Sour Apple TKO, Sour Orange Burst & Sour Watermelon Shock.
  • They’re super tasty! It’s not just a sour raisin. You really can taste the fruit in each flavor and the golden raisins really help tame to the sourness.
  • They come in a regular raisins box so they’re easy to take along and portion controlled!

Here’s what it looks like to bite into a Raisel :

Some things you should know –

Raisels aren’t sugar free, however there is only very little sugar added. In fact, 90% of the sugar is naturally occurring. The light dusting of sugar only makes up about 10% of the total weight. And although I wouldn’t replace my kids raisins with Raisels they’re a great and healthy alternative to more sugary cookies, candies and fruit snacks.

Where to buy –

Amazon, Wegmans, Target, and

Raisels are socially connected too! Check ’em on Twitter or Facebook. Or both. Maybe pick up a joke or two while you are there. Everyone wins! And, let ’em know we sent you too.

Want to try some for yourself?

Giveaway Details :

So, starting today, February 28th and ending Monday, March 7th, at 10PM EST you have a chance at winning your very own Raisel assortment!

What do you have to do?

Same as always – Be our Fan on Facebook!

And, as a bonus, you get to interact with us. How’s that for a twofer?!

Already there?

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That’s TWO additional opportunities for more entries! Let us know you’re out there in the comments!

Sample was provided for review.  Opinion remains my own.

Full giveaway rules can be found here.


My Pillow Pets Launch Online Games At

At the 2011 New York Toy Fair, there were quite a few trends that almost became checklist-like for a modern toy. One, is you need miniaturization. Another big one that is a must have is an online element, with an interactive world with games. Now, Pillow Pets can check that off their list!

I know not everyone has an opportunity to read through entire Press Release, but, one thing worth noting is that if you go to the site, and, email letting them know what you think…. you get a chance at getting Pillow Pets for a YEAR! Not a bad prize for the one lucky winner!

Press Release :

CJ Products, creator of the Pillow Pets™ brand, is pleased to bring their world of children’s products into consumers’ homes via online communities. With the launch of a new website, blog, and Facebook page, as well as Twitter handle, families can interact with the popular and cuddly Pillow Pets plush animals from the comfort of their own computers and mobile devices.

The “hub” of our online communities is our newly redesigned website – This new version is much more than just an e-commerce site, although you can certainly purchase Pillow Pets brand products there, too. Visitors will enjoy a variety of games that enable them to interact with Pillow Pets plush animal characters and may click on opportunities to learn more about some of their favorite friends. The website will also showcase all of the products under the Pillow Pets banner including books, blankets and board games. The new website will be a central location for news and updates on products as well the place to go for the chance to win free merchandise. For example, to celebrate our new website, we’re giving away Pillow Pets plush animals for a year to ONE lucky winner! Go to our new site, look around and then email us at pillowpets(at)carabinerpr(dot)com with your 12 favorite Pillow Pets plush animals and/or Pillow Pets products by March 15, 2011. We’ll select one person at random who will win one Pillow Pets plush animal of their choice a month for a whole year! Holy cow (or puppy or pig or ladybug…)!

“We’re really excited to introduce several new ways to make Pillow Pets products yours,” said founder and CEO Jennifer Telfer. “We’re looking forward to meeting all of our friends, old and new, online soon!”

You may also already know that Pillow Pets plush animals have their own blog, written by seven characters from around the world. They invite children of all ages to join them as they explore the cultures and traditions of our continents. Ms. Lady Bug leads this group of cuddly pals through the blogosphere. Readers will learn more about Pillow Pets plush animals’ favorite things to do and eat and what they like best about themselves and each other. To engage fans, there are opportunities to ask the Pillow Pets plush animals questions and they’ll post the answers on the blog. Plus, there will be rewards for those who read the blog, so be sure to visit often!

And, since Pillow Pets plush toys are social animals, they’re always looking to make new friends. Now, they are socially connected online through Facebook and Twitter. Stay up-to-date and in-the-know on all things from the Pillow Pets brand by following them on Twitter and “liking” them on Facebook. Be the first to find out news from the people behind Pillow Pets products, post pictures of you and your Pillow Pets plush animals on your own adventures, and much more by connecting with us online.


Japanese Nintendo 3DS Unboxing And First Impressions

It’s out.  The Nintendo 3DS has landed.  Well, in Japan at least.  Matter of fact, some places like Hong Kong saw it a couple of days early… but, either way, it’s out-out in another part of the world…. So, what do people think?

We have a collection of videos for those of you that can’t wait for the eventual US release date of March 27th in North America.

Here’s some video from YouTube! *

* warning : these are not in english, and there are some that are… but, the overview is terrific in these videos to get a real impression of how it looks, works, the packaging, etc!

From Japan, Nintendo 3DS Unboxing & First Impressions :

From Japan, Nintendo 3DS Unboxing & First Impressions Part 2 :

3D Pictures taken with the Nintendo 3DS :

Did you order yours yet?

Don’t forget, we’re tracking the Nintendo 3DS availability in North America and looking to see when it comes in stock!


Squinkies Disney Princess Toys Land At Walmart On March 15th!

Now that we are getting through a lot of the tracker updates and work (well, mostly Tony, and it’s really coming along!)… it’s time to get back to some toy news!  So, first up, we are spreading the word that Blip Toys, the makers of Squinkies, put on their blog.

The Disney Squinkies are coming to Walmart on March 15th, 2011!

Will it be online or just at Walmart stores?  Not sure, but, the date is March 15th!

In the mean time, take a sneak peek at the packaging and see if you can spot some of your favorites!  Amongst the themes are Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White!

Disney Squinkies Gallery :


Tatumi – Edgy, Tween Temporary Tattoo Vinyl Toy

While we were at the 2011 New York Toy Fair, we were on the hunt for new toys. And, we wanted to bring you things that you may not see anywhere else.

Bandai’s Tatumi fits the bill.  It’s new, it’s not coming out until sometime this Fall, and we think it will be creating a bit of buzz when it does.

The dolls themselves have a little bit of an edge to them while holding on to a cute styling.  Check out the gallery below, and, I think you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s the info and pricing from the press release :


Tatumi, a new and exciting activity line, allows tweens to tap into their creativity and design trendy styles for their fashionable lifestyles by applying temporary tattoos to virtually anything! This line of dolls and lifestyle activity packs combines the popularity of hip Japanese “Harajuku Style” and popular edgy fashion with a rock and roll twist – and brings it right to a girl’s fingertips:

Tatumi Girls Collectable Figurines ($8.99 SRP): Each 4.5” Tatumi Girl vinyl figure comes with a set of 50+ decorative tattoos ranging in theme from Rock Diva to Sporty Girl, along with a figure base and applicator, so girls can design and decorate their own unique styles.
Tatumi Accessory Kits ($12.99 SRP): Girls can customize necklaces, bracelets, hand warmers and more to rock and roll their own style alongside their Tatumi Girl with this kit of multiple fabric pieces to tattoo-up with 50+ temporary tattoos.

Check out the gallery below :

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Apple iPad 2 Announcement Date – March 2nd, 2011?

The iPad 2 cometh?

All Things D says yes.  And, if there was ever a place to get your iPad rumors, this WSJ connected site is it.

March 2nd is shaping up as the rumored day of the announcement…

Now, with that out of the way, just what will it have?

And, more importantly for us, what cool new ways will toys interact with it?

Major brands like Mattel already have interactions for some of their big toys in 2011, like the Fijit Friends as evidenced by our New York Toy Fair video :

Having a camera on the front and back (the biggest of the rumors that are likely to come true) could bring some pretty cool games and ways to interact!

Will you be first in line?  Or, will you be hitting Ebay to get a cheap iPad 1?

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Amazon Netflix Like Service – Stream Movies For Free With Prime!

Fan of  Have a (paid) prime account that lets you get free shipping on tons of Amazon products?  Like Netflix?  How about some free streaming movies to go with that Prime?

Today is the day!  Long rumored and captured in the wild, Amazon has opened up their free streaming service for (paid) Prime Account Holders!

Check out the full list of streamable Amazon Prime movies!

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2011 NY Toy Fair Monster High Doll Recap!

Ok… We know you wanted it.  And… we went looking for anything and everything MH Doll related.  

Some of you even found out before we did. The Mattel Showroom didn’t have a lot that hasn’t been seen in store, on Ebay, or otherwise.

Here, take a look for yourself. See how many you can name :

So… Was it all for naught Monster High Doll Fans??  Absolutely not!  We have TONS of pics from Sakar of some up and coming licensed Monster High gear!

And, we met some great reps from Sakar while at the show.  So, let us know what we should check out and we’ll see what we can do!

In the gallery below, you’ll see both pictures from the Mattel Showroom floor in the Monster High Doll section and Sakar’s licensed Monster High Doll Gear!

As a bonus, here’s what Mattel has to say is coming (that has mostly come out already in stores) for the Spring (and some sneaks of beyond) Monster High line :

The fabulously freaky teenage students of Monster High™ have been the talk of the halls since they hit campus last summer. Centered around the perfectly–imperfect descendants of the world’s most famous monsters, Monster High™ infuses rich storytelling at every touch point, and empowers girls to express their individuality, embrace their imperfections and form undying friendships.

Understanding the importance of multi-platform play to the current generation, Mattel made company history in 2010 by rolling out the Monster High™ brand across multiple categories simultaneously. Launched online, Mattel introduced the characters of Monster High™ through animated webisodes that have generated 41 million video views to date. Toy product topped holiday wish lists due to its edgy aesthetic and the relatability of the teen monsters’ freaky flaws. A 30-minute animated Monster High™ television special, which aired on Nickelodeon, became the #1 K2-11 show across all kid TV for the month of October; and Monster High, the first book of its series, graced the New York Times best-sellers list (chapter books) for 5 weeks. Across each platform the brand reaches tweens where they are today.


The Monster High™ franchise is grounded in storytelling and the story and characters drive the development of each and every consumer touch point. As we continue to grow the Monster High™ brand, we focus on the unique benefits of each media platform to tell our rich story and ultimately to provide a more engaging brand experience.

Online & Social: Mattel launched the brand online with an interactive website and rich webisode content that will continue to expand in 2011. Eager to engage with the Monster High™ brand, fans spend more time per visit on than on any other Mattel site and share user generated content on the Monster High™ social channels including art work, photography, stop-motion animated films and video product reviews.

    • 14+ minutes – Average time per visit; most of any Mattel site
    • 15 million+ visits since launch (May 2010)
  • Facebook: 212,000+ “likes”
  • YouTube: 15 million+ video view; most subscribed to channel within the Mattel portfolio

Entertainment & Webisodes: Growing on the huge popularity of the Monster High™ animated webisodes, Mattel is set to begin rolling-out a continuous series of 35 3-minute webisodes this February. Monster High™ will also continue to explore its long form content in 2011 with additional projects and partners.

  • Monster High Webisodes:
    • 41 million+ video views
    • 27 90-sec webisodes launched to date

Monster High Book Series: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers and Mattel will continue their multi-year, multi-book global partnership with the publication of The Ghoul Next Door, the second installment of the New York Times best-selling young adult series Monster High, by Lisi Harrison. Book three is slated for release in Fall 2011.

ARP:  $16.99           Ages:  12+        Available: April 2011


The multi-category Monster High™ toy line, which includes drop-dead gorgeous fashion dolls, plush, electronics, role play and novelty items will continue to expand the world of Monster High™ with new characters and themes.

Monster High™ Doll Assortment — Holt Hyde™ & Ghoulia Yelps

The teenage descendents of the world’s most famous monsters have come together to attend high school. Celebrating the unique differences we all have, Monster High™ introduces two new ghouls to its student body, who have a freaky flaw all their own – Holt Hyde™ and Ghoulia Yelps™. Holt Hyde™ is the school DJ and son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyde. He has a pet chameleon named Crossfade™. Ghoulia Yelps™ is the new zombie girl with a pet owl named Sir HootsA Lot™. She is the smartest girl in school but she only speaks zombie! Includes doll, doll stand, pet, diary and accessory.

ARP: $16.99   Ages: 6+                 Available: Now

Monster High™ Gloom Beach™ Doll Assortment

Get ready for ghoulish fun at Gloom Beach™ with the Monster High™ crew! Each doll, complete with new fashions such as Frankie Stein™ in her electrifying lightning bolt suit and solar-powered jumper cables or Draculaura™ with her ruffles and pink bathing suit – and of course sunscreen—SPF 500, makes freaky look fabulous even when school isn’t in session! Assortment includes: Frankie Stein™, Draculaura™, Cleo De Nile™, Clawdeen Wolf™, and the new scary cute normie guy, Jackson Jekyll™. Dolls come with beach outfit, sunglasses, cover up, brush and one beach-related accessory.

ARP: $16.99              Ages: 6+                 Available: Now

DIY Kits by Fashion Angels – Monster High™ fans like to show their personal style and creativity. In partnership with Fashion Angels, Mattel will introduce DIY arts and crafts kits that provide girls with stencils designs and sketch sheets, or molds and decorations, to make their own monster fashions, pets and accessories.

ARP: $4.99-43.00                            Ages: 6+                               Available: Fall 2011


Monster High™ lends its scary cool aesthetic to an array of consumer products including apparel, accessories and electronics; letting girls enjoy the pop-goth stylings of their favorite monster teens.

Edgy Apparel: Macy’s, has launched a collection of 8 Monster High™ tees, each designed to showcase the distinct fabulously freaky aesthetic so intrinsic to the brand. Justice®, the largest premier tween specialty retailer, has introduced their second collection of edgy Monster High™ apparel and accessories for girls.

ARP: N/A                                            Sizes: Kids                            Available: Now

Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Cosmetics & Jewelry: Claire’s Stores, the leading specialty retailer of fashion accessories and jewelry have partnered with Mattel to offer ghoul-inspired cosmetics, jewelry and accessories.

ARP: $6.50-12.50                            Ages: 6+                               Available: Now

Mobile Apps: Mattel will launch a new app, centered on the Monster High™ characters and storyline, that will roll out timed to back-to-school. Additional for-profit modes of play to be introduced later.

ARP: TBD                                          Ages: TBD                             Available: 2011

Engaging Electronics: Exclusively available at Toys R Us, Sakar will introduce home electronics that range from a Light-up Message Board, Karaoke Machine and Mini Fridge to portable gadgets that include Digital Cameras, Text Messengers and MP4 Players.

ARP: $9.99- 99.99                           Ages: 6+                               Available: Spring 2011

Gallery :