Thundercats, Ho! Bandai Shows New Thundercats Toys!

Well, that went pretty quick.  From rumor to spy shots to confirmed pictures taken at the 2011 Bandai London Toy Fair Booth!

Originally hosted here on a Thundercats fan forum, images (that were not to be taken), appeared of the new 2011 Thundercats Toys from Bandai for 2011!   The iamges were snapped at the Toy Fair in London which got its start today, January 25th, 2011.

Looks like it is confirmed, and, Bandai has more than a throwback to the days of Power Rangers coming soon!

Add Thundercats to the mix too!

Getting very exciting… Can’t wait for Toy Fair 2011 in New York which we will be covering each and every day right here.  And, even before the show officially begins!

Image courtesy of leepus.

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