Cool Stuff From the Toy Aisles – 01/23/11

Another day, another stroll down the toy aisles.

Today brought something a bit humorous.  I felt like I was walking down the toy aisles in an off-the-beaten-path of Chinatown.  You’ll see why.

Ok.   Nothing too strange for another Target find.  Yet.  We haven’t turned it over.

Matter of fact, this is a cousin of an earlier hands on review that we did of the Mattel Snaptors!  The peg was there before, but, empty waiting for Spitz to make an appearance.

Knowing that Snaptors were a hit in the house, I grabbed the Spitz and turned it over to see what it did.

Here, let me show you :

At first glance, all seems in check.  A cartoon picture depicting the toy, a bio, and some other little action boxes showing what he does….
Wait, what’s that?

He’s a sprayer, not a fighter?

Ok.  Let’s keep looking.

Ok, so you pull down his arms, SPRAY ATTACK. Seems reasonable.

And, to the far right, you are told you can :

Pet his head to make him happy!

Again, all pretty on the up and up…. But, wait.  What?!

Yes, for $20 at Target, this Peeing Dinosaur Prankster could be yours!

All in all, a great day in the toy aisles!


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