Commentary On New Whiz Bang Games (and old).

I’m working on the site, and, just an ear shot away I can hear VERY loud, old school, Nintendo games blaring in their 8 bit glory.  Specifically, the Mario Brothers Collection.

More specific than that, Super Mario All Stars : Limited Edition for Nintendo Wii.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me.  It’s my wife’s go-to game too.

But, in a house of Xbox 360s, Nintendo Wiis, and PS3s… This is the best that can be played?

It’s funny, there really just was “something” about the games of old.  They were simple, fun, and timeless.  (Well, maybe we didn’t know timeless back then.)

And look at our tracker :

Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition Nintendo Wii In Stock Tracker

I mean.. wow!  The game lasts just minutes in stock?

Obviously, my family is not the only ones that feel this way.

So, what is it?  What makes these old classics not only classics, but, in some ways more enjoyable than the fanciest of the fancy graphics and newest of the new games?

Maybe it’s best not to care.

Time to get in there and play!

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