Angry Birds – Revenge of the Franchise! Animated?

First, life was simple.  The iPhone was a closed platform and Steve Jobs said there is no need for applications – everything runs on the web (anyone remember that?)!

Then, the jailbreak people came along, and turned that idea upside down.

Soon after, Apple allowed for applications on their phone.

And, one of the biggest and most commonly known today is Angry Birds.

Sure, they are getting anything from plush toys to a full fledged board game from Mattel (both we will be on the hunt for at the New York Toy Fair!), but, now, an animated series?

Yup, according to the NYTimes :

Rovio announced a marketing deal for “Angry Birds” last year, when word first surfaced of interest from Hollywood for either a big-screen movie or a TV series.

“It was a completely new area for us; we had to get our bearings there, and a sense of how the whole market was,” Hed told C21.

“That was the first part of the exercise, and now that we’ve done that, the next part is to move into production, and that’s where we are right now.

Hed did not say who he’s had discussions with — or if “Angry Birds” will appear on TV, the Internet or both.

What do you think?  Too much already, or, not enough?

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