Cool Stuff From the Toy Aisles – 01/19/11

I think yesterday’s first version of Cool Stuff From the Toy Aisles was a pretty big hit looking at how much traffic again, so, I’m ready for round 2!

Here’s something I saw that I’m sure any Squinkies fan would LOVE to have in their room!

Pretty impressive display!

This was one of the first times I saw such a big collection of the Squinkie Doos and Toons in one place.

And, even though it’s only been two days, I’m ready to twist up the meaning of the style of post.

What can I say, I get bored easy.

Have a look at what I DIDN’T find :

Wow!  Where did they all go? It’s sights like this that make me want to scream out and hand out business cards letting people know that we are tracking Ninjago stuff online like our Ninjago Playset In Stock Tracker or the Ninjago Starter Pack In Stock Tracker.

But, these things are HOT.  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you might want to get on the ball soon.

And, we’ll be at the Legos event at this years New York Toy Fair 2011!
Stay tuned for all of the coverage that is and isn’t fit to print (or blog)!


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