Cool Stuff From the Toy Aisles – 01/18/11

Let’s try something new.

I go to the local Walmart, Target, etc quite often at lunch time to see what is out and about.

And, I even used to update an old thread on our forums with my findings.

So, why not start it again on the blog, right?

Here’s the first edition of “Cool Stuff From the Toy Aisles”!

Up for today’s viewing pleasure is this new Cuponk Edition. It’s the Le Flush Royale Edition! Thought Cuponk was for your casusal gamer? Oh no, my friend. This is some serious kit bundling of Cuponk! I mean… look – what is that.. a bandanna.. This is no joke.

Here’s the Amazon description :

Shoot it, sink it, win it! Position your CUPONK cup anywhere you want — tables, walls, chairs, wherever — and shoot your CUPONK balls. Sink your shot and you’ll hear the sweet sounds of victory and make the cup light up. Score! Use the multi-position backboard to make some of your “famous” trick shots and, when you sink the most shots, crown yourself the King of the Game and don the stylin’ sport crown. Includes 1 electronic CUPONK cup, 6 official CUPONK balls, 30-card trick deck, 5 stickers, 1 sport crown, 1 multi-position backboard and instruction guide.

For $30 bucks on Amazon, this find can be yours too!

So, what do you think of the new column? Keep it going or nuke it before it gets too far in and someone gets hurt (like my feelings)?

Let me know!


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