Guinness World Records Board Game Review

Guinness’s World Records Board Game by Haywire Group, priced at $29.99 on Amazon may just hold the world record for games within a game! Seriously, this game has a LOT going on!

There are four types of cards:

250 Trivia Challenge cards, 125 Who Am I? cards, 20 World Record Challenge cards and 5 House Records Challenge cards.

Each one of these cards is represented on the game board – when you land on one of these squares you perform the challenge. Here are some examples of the different challenges in the game:

Trivia Challenge: Another player reads the question and the multiple choice answers – “Charlie Bell set a record by moving over 37lbs of maggots in one hour how?” If you answer correctly you get a token. (By the way the answer is “with his mouth”…EW!) The trivia challenge cards also have Fun Facts at the bottom!

World Record Challenge: With this challenge you read about a world record such as the most jumping jacks done in one minute. You then have to try to do as many jumping jacks as you can in 30 seconds …if you can do 50% of the world record then you claim the Worlds Record Certificate (until another person completes the World Record Challenge). There are 20 different World Records to beat!

Who Am I? Challenge – These cards have pictures on them and you have to try to guess what World Record it is. For example one card has a picture of a man twirling pizza dough – the record is for largest spun pizza base. If you guess correctly you get 2 tokens.

House Record Challenge – This challenge is my favorite. It reminds me of that new game show “Minute to Win It”. One example is the poker chip challenge – You hold a stack of ten chips 3 inches from the table and drop each chip trying to touch the previously dropped chip. If you get a cluster of 8 chips (all touching) than you collect 3 tokens!

The first player to receive 20 Tokens and have the Guinness World Records Certificate wins!

To preform some of the challenges you’ll need other objects that come with game –

100 tokens, 52 Playing Cards, 10 Chips, 10 Marbles, 6 Pawns, Guinness World Record Certificate, Dry Erase Marker, Dry Erase Brag Board, Rope, Domino Set, Die, Sand Timer and Game Board.

This game is intended for kids and adults 8 and up! If you’re not into games that have you sitting around moving your game piece and you’d rather be up moving around this game is for you! There are trivia questions, physical challenges and tons of fun!!

Happy Playing!

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