919? A Special Number for Lalaloopsy and Pirates?

Lalaloopsy always seems to be able to create quite a buzz.  Be it the early appearances of minis that showed up on the west coast Toys R Us and traveled East.  Or, the introduction of two new Lalaloopsy’s that hit Toys R Us early.

It seems like there is always something going on.

Well, besides those Button Tails we already reported on, there is something else new.  A new Lalaloopsy sneak peek :

Lalaloopsy wants to build up an army of followers on Twitter.

The Lalaloopsy Facebook Page is adding to the fun and speculation.

The current thinking suggests that the tie in to 919 is actually for Talk like a Pirate Day!

And, if that is true, what could that mean?  A Pirate Lalaloopsy?  Or, a boy Lalaloopsy?  Or, is it unrelated to pirates and is actually a birthday of something else entirely?

(to the uninitiated, all Lalaloopsy Dolls have a “sewn date” which is their birthday.   because of this, the assumption is that 919 is representative of the new dolls sewn date.)

Or, is 919 just a red herring and you actually need to look at 919 BACKWARDS to get the clue!



That doesn’t work too well!

Start your speculation engines!  What do you guys think?

And, to help get your mind racing to figure it out, have a look at all the important births and celebrations for September 19th at Wikipedia.

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