UPDATED : Lalaloopsy Pets … Minus the Lalaloopsy? Lalaloopsy Button Tails!

REVENGE of the UPDATE : We got more.  Again.  (we love you guys!)

This time, long time tipper Michelle steps up from the Facebook Page :

i saw the button tails at meijer the other day

UPDATE : We got more.

From the keen eye of Stacey on our Facebook Page :

if you act like you are going to buy it, it does say that the retail price is $14.99!!

Here’s ANOTHER tip from our friends on our zooLert Facebook Page.  Not too surprising, if it is Lalaloopsy related, it came from Ashely again! Thanks Ashley!

Right now, they are available on Amazon.

(note : NOT from amazon currently though.  just third party.)

Lalaloopsy Button Tails Mouse

Lalaloopsy Button Tails Cat

What is retail?
Did these fall from the sky?  (no, probably not.)

What normal store did they come from?

We’ll update the post as we get more!

For now, bask in the glow of the third party prices on the Amazon links above!
Gallery :

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