Squinkies Toons – Unboxing, Pictures and Video!

If you are a regular reader of the zooLert Blog, or just a Squinkies fan, you know 2011 is bringing lots of new Squinkies!

One of the first ones to arrive so far is Squinkies Toons!

When we saw them at the local Walmart, we picked one up to unbox and show to all of you out there!

So, what makes them so different?

For starters, it’s a brand new series with all new Squinkies.

All told, there are 6 different packs of Squinkies Toons for you to collect.

The types of Squinkies in the Toons packs include Kitties, Pets, Puppies, Friends, and Babies!
So, what do they look like?  Check out our video :


And, after you have seen the unboxing, check out our full gallery below.

Got to have them?  Need a little help finding them in stock online at the best price?  We got you covered.

Use the zooLert Squinkies Toons In Stock Tracker!

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