Zoobles Dee-Lights Collection (Legs) – Hands On Review

If you thought that Spin Master couldn’t get any more creative with the Zoobles series, well then looks like your wrong, because spin master has created an all new era of Zoobles!

The all new Zoobles Dee-light collection! These Zoobles are just filled with life, because once you place the Zoobles on their home it will instantly spring to life and these Zoobles will automatically light up, or if you just want to light up the Zooble manually there is a button on top of its head which you can press which will light up the Zooble.

And all of this only cost $9.99 at my local Target.

When my sister first purchased the new Zooble she was overwhelmed with joy, and once she had the chance she opened up the box and played with her Zooble non-stop. This is by far a very unique Zooble. The detail on the Zoobe was stunning! All of the little detail definitely gave the Zooble more life, therefore, making the doll a lot more fun to play with.

Overall I would have to say that Spin Master has done a fantastic job on re-creating these toys and making them  just the best it could possibly be. For only $9.99, this set is by far one of the best Zooble sets out there!

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