Toy Teck’s New Teacup Piggies Will Be… Teacup … Puppies?

Another great heads up from our Facebook community!  This time, Chrissy specifically.

What do you get when you cross Teacup Piggies with Puppies?  You of course get Teacup Puppies.  DUH!

(and an unrealistic amount of cute)

Here’s what one of our fan’s had to say :

Believe it, or not…but, I spoke with the President of Toy Teck (Mitch August) two weeks ago…LONG STORY!!! Anyway, Teacup Puppies are coming next, along with a new Spring line of Teacup Piggy accessories!!!

Veryyyyy interesting!

We will reach out to our Toy Teck contact and see if we can’t find anything else out!

If we get anywhere, we will be sure to update everyone!

Thanks Chrissy!

And if you are still looking for your plain ol’ Teacup Piggy, we can help.

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Puglet Image courtesy of Evolve17

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