Lego Ninjago Starter Set Hands On Review

After the release of the all new Lego Ninjago sets, I went crazy; I knew that this was a set worth dying for, and once I purchased the set there was no surprise that I was hooked on this toy for hours. The set is perfect for kids ages 6-14 and comes with 57 Lego pieces. This starter set includes 2 Lego mini figures, 6 weapons, 2 spinners, and 1 arena and all of this only cost $19.99 sale price.

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After I finished building the set I was surprised why this was by far one of the most unique Lego sets I have ever played with!  Not only could I play with the mini figures, but, you could put the mini figures onto a spinner and then use both mini figures to fight each other!   This game was definitely a very entertaining game that got me hooked on it for hours, but Lego didn’t stop there.  They added cards which made the game even more exciting because not only could you go head to head with your friends, but, you could also throw in ability card to give you the upper hand in the battle of Ninjago.

Overall, I would have to say that this is one of the best Lego sets I have ever come across because not only could you use this to play with your friends, but, you could also use cards which Lego has never used before. For only $19.99 you get one of the best deals Lego has ever produced!

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This looks like it will be pretty hot for Legos.  And, to help you find them, zooLert has started some Ninjago In Stock Trackers :

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