UPDATED : First Listings of Gomu Erasers Appear On Amazon?

Updated : Tracker created!  Gomu In Stock Tracker from zooLert is created and live!

In the past, we would normally see this as a third party reseller URL, and move on from there….

BUT, Amazon did something new this year.

They attached themselves to third party URLs.  Ones that had just normal-every-day-pictures on them too (first).

(and by “third party URLs” I mean ones that the resellers etc (non-Amazon) would create on the Amazon site…)

So, this could be where Amazon puts the single packs of Gomu for sale.  And, it may not be :

Single Pack Spin Master Gomu Erasers for Sale On Amazon

We thought we would let you guys know either way.  And, for those wondering, retail price on these single packs are $0.99.

We’ll be creating a Gomu In Stock Tracker very soon though to our In Stock Trackers.

The Gomu Eraser In Stock Tracker is now live!  Please, remember the setup is very, very hands on and human!  If you notice more links before we do, let us know and we will add them ASAP.  The rest is all zooLert magic!  We will ONLY alert on first party sellers.

And, don’t forget — we are giving some away!  zooLert Spin Master Gomu Eraser Giveaway!

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