Creepy Crawlin’ Pets – Tarantula Planet from Uncle Milton Hands On

Creepy crawler pets always make for lots of fun playtime.  Hide them in the corner and try to scare your little sister or mom.  What a boys dream!

Well, now with Uncle Miltion’s newest creepy crawler toy, you can make it react to the scared unsuspecting person’s reaction!

Or, you can try to make your very own movie as I did :

Either way, this is a really cool toy.  It’s pretty responsive to noise.  And it really hauls when it gets going!  The hard body has soft, bendable plastic legs that extend out.

These guys are big too!  Check out our hands on gallery!

We think these will get to be pretty hot as more people find out about them, so, we’ll be adding a tracker soon!

For now, you can buy them in store. I was able to find mine at Target.  I suspect other reatilers such as Walmart or Toys R Us will uncover them soon as the days of 2011 move forward.  I’m sure they will start showing up online soon enough.  Walmart does stock the Creepy Cactus Raceway. And we’ll be sure to add them to the zooLert In Stock Trackers!

From a quick look, Amazon is filled with third party sellers (as of this wrtiting) selling the Tarantula Planet Lineup.  That can change at any time though so keep an eye out!

And check out all of the future accessories and versions here at the official Uncle Milton site for Tarantula Planet.

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