zooLert Toy Fair 2011 Coverage – Let’s Meet.

Hi Toy Company Representative.  And, hi to you our loyal and awesome readers.

We’ll be at Toy Fair again this year.

We’re excited.  REALLY excited.

For the uninitiated that make it directly to this post on a Google Search, zooLert’s slogan started out simple enough.

We Hunt, You Gather

In the beginning, nearly three years ago, that meant helping consumers find hard toys through our In Stock Trackers.

Fast forward to today, and, we still do the help-you-find-what-you-need in stock at places like Amazon, Toys R Us, Target, and more… And, we’ve gotten some nice press about it in addition to some good radio spots, but, we decided to do something new this year.

We started this.  The blog.  And went social on places like Facebook.

And we LOVE every minute of it.

We let our extended families test out all of the latest and greatest toys.

And the outreach by companies such as Spin Maser, Blip Toys, Nerf, Jakks Pacific, Hasbro, and MANY more has been tremendous.

This year, we want to cover it all.  The before the show.  The after the show.  And everything in between.

We’ll be bringing it to our users and readers that love toys.  Love their families … and want to know about what the year 2011 is going to bring.

Want to work with us?  Reach out at toyfair2011@zoolert.com!

And for all of you wondering what we are going to be doing to bring it all to you?  We have a LOT planned.

Watch out and make some popcorn.

We want you to feel like you are a part of the show!

And that’s what we hope to do.

P.S.  If there is something you guys want to see, or a type of product line.. Tell us!  We’ll do our best!

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