CONTEST OVER : Where Can You Buy Gomu Erasers?! Gomu Eraser Giveaway!


Winners are :

Gomu Eraser Single Pack :

Sue Landry

Sarah Oliveira

Becky Freed Gold

Katy Mazat

Gomu Eraser 3  Pack :

Amy Smith

Lila Louise Nawrocki

Melanie Tanko

Gomu Eraser 6 Pack :

Nicole Barresi

Congrats to the winners!  Please contact us at with a subject of Gomu Winner with your address so we can send you the gomu erasers!

Thanks!  And, please, don’t be sad if you didn’t win… Just be our Facebook Fan… We have lots more to come!

One of the biggest search terms coming in to zooLert these days is the mysterious Gomu Erasers!

Well, thanks again to the tips from our readers over on our zooLert Facebook Page, Randi specifically (thanks!!!), we went on the hunt at the local stores.

Still nothing online at Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kmart … YET… But, let’s get to the good stuff.


Randi, our Facebook Friend also has a video we will be putting up of her happy kids opening a Gomu for the first time soon too!

I found these out at my local Target today.

The location was NOT where I would have expected it. It was right along with the Moon Dough, Pixos, Sock Puppets and all those create-it type toys.

I bought all three different kinds that they had.

We’ll have more pictures and video tonight! So, revisit this post later on this evening!

So… You want Spin Master’s Gomu Erasers too, right!? We are also giving them away!

Yup, we want our fan base to have them first, so, we’re giving a bunch away that I bought today. Our giveaway gift chance for our readers. We do it all for you.

So, starting today, January 6th and ending January 9th, at 10PM EST (same time as our 40th Anniversary Edition Uno Giveaway!)

We have up for grabs, a chance at :

one of FOUR – Single Gomu Eraser Packs

one of THREE – Three Gomu Eraser Packs (includes one rare!)

ONE – BIG Six Gomu Eraser Pack (includes TWO rares!)

What do you have to do?

Same as always – Be our Fan on Facebook!

Already there?

Well for an extra entry you can :

– Leave us a comment here telling us why you are so excited about Gomu Erasers or where you heard of them first

Follow zooLertOfficial on Twitter (yea, we’re starting that now too!)

– Subscribe to our zooLertOfficial YouTube Channel

– Tell us how you spread the word of zooLert

– Show us where you spread the word of zooLert

(total of 5 potential extra entries!)

We’re really excited to finally get our hands on these and we really can’t wait to let you guys out there get your hands on some too! Of course, as always, as soon as we know they are online, we will be adding them to our In Stock Trackers!

Full giveaway rules can be found here.

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