Squinkies 2011 Lineup – Disney, Hello Kitty, Boys & More!

Squinkies has made their official announcement on what is coming up in the year 2011 for Squinkies!

There is a lot!

From the Squinkies 20111 Blog Post :

First off, in case you haven’t seen or heard about them yet, there are some cool new Squinkies available now called Squinkie Doos – they are Squinkies with HAIR! Equally as cool – and also available now – are the new Squinkies Toons, which have a trendy animated look. Both make great additions to any Squinkies collection!

Later this spring, we’ll be introducing some beautiful Disney Princess Squinkies, soon followed by a whole line of Squinkies for BOYS, including Squinkies based on Marvel super heroes and Disney’s Cars 2. By the end of the summer, there will also be Hot Wheels SquinkiesBarbie Squinkies and Hello Kitty Squinkies! So many favorite characters are soon going to be squishy, squooshy and squashy – who will be your new favorite???

Of course, we’ll also have lots of other new Squinkies friends, pets and playsets joining the collection throughout the year. As always, stay tuned right here for more information and photos! Happy 2011!

We’ve added an overview gallery of all that there is to see.. Have a look at their full blog post for all of the larger pictures!

Of course, as always, as they start to come online, we’ll be doing our best to track them and keep you informed on where you can buy them on our Squinkies In Stock Tracker!

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