Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory

The Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory, this set is perfect for kids ages 3 and up and is fun for all. This set comes with six different Play-Doh containers (green, purple, yellow, blue, orange, and pink) it also comes with the toy and candy wheels, plus it comes with the mega fun factory (This set requires two 1.5v battles) and to top it all off the Play-Doh mega fun factory comes with a play mat; the play mat allows you to places all of your Play-Doh creations into the missing slots, and all of this cost just $30 sale price.

When we first received the Play-Doh mega fun factory my sister was delighted because not only did it contain multiple Play-Doh containers but it came with a molding station which connected to the conveyor belt, this was a fantastic feature because once you took your Play-Doh and used the handle to create a long rectangular Play-Doh strip it would drop onto the conveyor belt and then moves slowly to the toy or candy wheel, which you could stamp a certain picture onto the Play-Doh multiple times then it could be cut in the chopper, and it would finally fall of the conveyor belt and into a storage area. After you have finished making your creations you could place all of the molded Play-Doh on the play mat.

Overall I would have to say that this toy was absolutely amazing because there was just so much to do, from just molding the Play-Doh to placing the Play-Doh on a special play mat. It definitely caught my sister’s attention.

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