UPDATED : Hints of a New Lalaloopsy on Facebook?

UPDATE 01/07/11 :

The tales of new Lalaloopsies keep coming!  This time, we get confirmation it’s a lot.  “Lots” to be specific!

Let the speculation begin!

This heads up came from Lalaloopsy fan extraordinaire Ashley from our Facebook Fan Page!  Thanks, Ashley for the tip!

MGA Entertainment, the makers of the very popular Lalaloopsy Dolls are very interactive on their forums with their fans.

So, when someone begged and pleaded for info on what is to come next, they replied with this :

Lalaloopsy Hi Tonia, very soon we’ll be releasing something that will give a hint about our next character! As for feedback, we do send feedback from fans to our teams, and our CEO looks at our facebook page to see what fans are saying. We also take the slips of paper that you fill out and mail back in that come in the Lalaloopsy packaging very seriously, those are distributed within the company to help influence future designs.

See more here on the Lalaloopsy Facebook page.

What will it be?   A new Lalaloopsy Mini?  Full size?  A doll house?

Time will tell….  If you have any tips, be sure to send them to us at tips@zoolert.com!

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