Nerf Long Strike CS-6

The all new Nerf long strike CS-6; This Nerf blaster comes with 8 different parts that can all be connected onto the main Nerf blaster, and an instruction manual. This set is perfect for kids ages 6+ and is Nerf’s longest blaster, over 3 feet long; and can shoot up to 35 feet! The Nerf blaster comes with 6 long strike darts, a magazine which can hold all of your darts, the main blaster, a shoulder shock, a flip-up sight, and an extension barrel.

I would have to say that Nerf has done a fantastic job on making this blaster one of the best blaster Nerf has ever created. Not only does this blaster have a fantastic design, but it also works very well. Over the past couple of years I have had a lot of experience with Nerf, and I have noticed that Nerf always had a problem with the length the dart traveled, but this new blaster has fixed that problem, and has smoked the floor with the previous blasters, but that is not all, this Nerf gun also has very handy features, these features allow you to fix your Nerf gun with ease and the other feature allows you to store extra magazines in the shoulder shock.

Overall I would recommend this blaster to anyone who is a big fan of Nerf or anyone who is dying for a great toy, because this blaster has everything a Nerf blaster needs. A great design, making the gun irresistible, and an improved blasting ability allowing the Nerf bullet to travel faster and farther, and overall it is Nerf’s best blaster yet!

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