Zhu Zhu Babies … now have Zhu Zhu Kitties! Zhu Zhu Cats, Yes!

It’s funny how things work.  We get a lot of our best tips from the moms and dads out there in the “field”!

One of our Canadian friends, Beth-Marie, said hey, did you notice the Zhu Zhu Pets Baby Kitties?  (paraphrasing)

Yup, this is another interaction from our zooLert Facebook Fan Page.

So… I went looking.

And, sitting on my coffee table from the earlier Zhu Zhu Puppies review was the included poster.

What do you know?

There, right in front of me is the pictures and info!

Cepia, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets are including a poster of the “Zhu-niverse” with the Zhu Zhu Puppies.

Now, our Canadian friend from up North said she found them at her local Walmart.  I suspect it is just a matter of time until we see them everywhere and online!  And, when we do, we will be sure to add them to the zooLert In Stock Trackers!

Have a look :

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