Spin Master Party Animals – Cute, Collectable Bears and Costumes!

Here’s something ELSE that I found today on my Target stroll.  This one…. it wasn’t even in the system yet.  I had to do my best guess (memory) as to what the price on the shelf was!  So, this one is very hot off the presses (shelf) so to say?

So, what is it?  I see it as a Squinkies-esque toy, but, the bear itself is hard.  The costume on the other hand has a rubbery feel to it.  Surprisingly, the bear slipped right in.  I expected to struggle a bit, but, it was really easy!

(* hands on note – this is an adults opinion.  i ended up breaking out the toy shortly after the little ones went to bed.  we will follow up with more hands on video soon!)

The official site lists Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart as stores that will be stocking these new toys!

Here’s what the single pack comes with :

– 1 Bear

– 1 Costume

– 1 Dangler thread (to attach to a cell phone)

– 1 Sticker

– 1 Dangler bell

– 1 Collectors Guide (what respectable collectible toy would be without one to see all the other goodies you could get!)

So… All in all, there’s a fair amount of stuff.

I see this being a very hot toy in 2011 if it is teamed up with some marketing and word of mouth.  And, not only that, but, the price point was right for the single packs.  It’s cute, and, it’s inexpensive!   The pack I bought had a retail of $2.49 at Target.  That’s not bad.

I also have some “spy” shots (?) of some of the other sets that you can purchase below…

Very cool stuff!  We are reaching out to the maker of the toy, Spin Master, for more!

As soon as we have it, we’ll pass it along.

These toys have existed over the pond as evidenced by a quick search :

Party Animals on the Amazon UK site

And here’s an official site :

Party Animals Web Site

Check out the gallery for the hands on and “spy shots”!

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