Barbie Video Girl Hands On Review

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The new Barbie Video Girl is great for kids ages 6 and up. The Barbie doll has a very nice design to it, and the best part about this doll is that it contains a hidden camera in Barbie’s necklace. It also comes with a USB cord which allows you to connect your Barbie doll to your computer, and you can even upload your video onto your computer and share the video with your friends (price for the doll is $49.99). You need two AAA batteries (not included) to power the Barbie dolls camera!

When we received the Barbie Video Girl my sister freaked out! She absolutely adored the doll, because not only was this doll beautiful and elegant but you can record video with the doll. My sister loved to use the doll to video tape and playing with her friends! And they even had the opportunity to upload video onto their computer.

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Overall I would recommend you to check this doll out, because it is very detailed, and is the first Barbie doll to have a camera built-in and an LCD screen which allows you to create video so you to see everything Barbie can see! And thanks to I was able to receive this doll. So if you are out Christmas shopping and want something unique to get for your kids I would suggest you to take a look at this all new Barbie Video Girl!

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