New Squinkies Just Around the Corner – Squinkie Toons! January 2011!

Not already a Fan of Squinkies on Facebook?

Then, perhaps you missed this announcement tonight on their page :

Every wish your Squinkies were a bit more silly? Check out Squinkie Toons! Coming in January!!!

And, of COURSE, I know some of you that are learning the tracking game are wondering if some of these may show up a little early?

And… if you are thinking that, you probably know where they will show up if they do…. Toys R Us!

So, if you West Coast people start seeing them, or, if they sneak online.. Let us know!

Now… So, what do they look like?

Your burning question numbero uno is answered – have a look :

We will add them right away to the zooLert Squinkies In Stock Tracker!

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