CONTEST OVER : Spin Master BIG Giveaway! Hedbanz, Moon Dough, DQ Blizzard Maker, Zoobles, Liv Dolls, & Tron!

Winners announced :

Michele Karns                               DQ Blizzard Maker
Dan Pease                                       Zoobles
Randi Daivs Maerz                       Hedbanz
Joanne Grady Hance                   Hedbanz
Margaret Esposito Kanakos       DQ Blizzard Maker
Melissa Simmons                          Tron RC Car
Becky Fisher                                    Liv Doll
Alison Hess Fares                         Ultimate Tron Sam Flynn
Katrina Rust                                    Moon Dough Farm
Nicole K                                           Liv Doll

Please email us at with a subject of “Spin Maser WINNER” to ensure we see it as quick as possible with what you won and your address!

Congrats everyone!  Next, Teacup Piggies!!!!

Under promise, over deliver!

You guys keep telling everyone about us.

We want to thank you all for it.

And, Spin Master was nice enough to help us do it! They make many of the same toys you guys have been tracking on our site for stock!

You know – Spin Master – the company that brings you these product lines (and more!) :

Air Hogs on Facebook
Bakugan on Facebook
LIV on Facebook
Zoobles on Facebook

So, what do you have to do to win one of these :

2 Liv Dolls (Sophie and Katie from It’s My Nature lineup)

2 DQ Blizzard Makers

2 Hedbanz

Zoobles Razoo’s Treehouse Playset

1 Ultimate Tron Sam Flynn

1 Tron Zero Gravity RC Light Cycle

1 Moon Dough Barn

It’s simple to be one of the ten winners!

Just like us like you do.

Ok, but, HOW??? How do you do that you ask?  Simple :

Like us on the zooLert Facebook Page!  Be our fan!

Already there?  Aren’t you awesome.  (yes, yes you are.)  You’re in the running then already… Always will be for our giveaways too!

Want an extra entry?  Leave us a comment here on the zooLert Blog telling us what you would like to win and why!

Want ANOTHER extra entry?  Tell us about how you spread the word about zooLert!

And even one more entry if you can show us!

(that’s three extra entries possible for those of you playing along at home.)
Good luck!

This giveaway ENDS Sunday, December 12th, 2010 at 10PM EST!

So, hurry!  We want to be sure to get these out to reach you for the holidays!

We will announce the winners on this page and on Facebook!

Still looking to secure your Spin Master Toys?  Be sure to use our zooLert In Stock Trackers all year long to get what you need at the price you expect – retail!

And, don’t forget to check out all of our reviews for real, hands on with all these toys and more!

Again, sincerely, thanks everyone for spreading the word.  Keep it up, and we will have to keep doing this!  We double dog dare you!

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