Teacup Piggies – Oink, Oink! The Biggies is Piggies! zooLert Giveaway Coming!

Under promise, over deliver!  We mentioned it on our zooLert Facebook page as a teaser, but, didn’t want to give too many more details until we had it all secured.

With that, as we said, our friends over at Teacup Piggies (oink oink!) sent us some goodies to look at and give to all of you as a giveaway!  Check out the first of the boxes to arrive below :

And there is one more coming later this week!

Also, feel free to check them out (and we’re going to give extra entries to people that are their Fans on Facebook) over here while you wait :

Teacup Piggies on Facebook

You can tell ’em we sent ya too if you want!  We’ll be giving an extra entry for the giveaway to anyone that does become their Fan!

Of course, the way to be in the contest is to be our Fan on Facebook!  If you are already, you’re in!

Also, if you are going crazy trying to get Teacup Piggies, we can help you find them at places like Walmart, Toys R Us, FAO and more :

zooLert Teacup Piggies In Stock Tracker

We’ll be announcing the official contest as soon as the rest of the goodies arrive!  Probably by the weekend!  Stay tuned!

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