Here We Go Again, Again. – Blossom Flowerpot – NEW Lalaloopsy hits Ebay!

Here we go again (again)!

As expected, more of these new Lalaloopsy’s are hitting Ebay.

If you want this, make sure you read the bottom of the post for my tip on getting it!

Looks like the Lalaloopsy rage continues with these new releases that are slipped out to the unsuspecting and excited world!!

This one made its way to Ebay :

From the Ebay auction :

Lalaloopsy ~ Blossom Flowerpot New in package

Brand New #9 doll in the Lalaloopsy collection! Blossom Flowerpot is pretty and cheerful! She was once a rag doll who magically came to life when her very last stitch was sewn.  She’s super patient and caring, always cheerful, and loves to dig around the dirt. Comes with a poster.

If you are still looking for Lalaloopsy or Mini Lalaloopsy in stock, don’t forget to check the zooLert In Stock Trackers :

Lalaloopsy In Stock Tracker

Mini Lalaloopsy In Stock Tracker

Thoughts and Tips From zooLert :

If history is any guide… These will have appeared at West Coast TRU’s FIRST… Then, over the next few days slowly work their way to the east coast Toys R Us making their way and stops at other TRU along the way.

So… if you want them.. Start looking towards your local TRU!

We will also keep an eye for them online. If you see them first, let us know!

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