Boo! We heart ZOMBIEZOO! A Review of ZOMBIE Animals!

We were recently sent Boo from Neecy Twinem – creator of ZOMBIEZOO! I have to say this creepy kitty is scary cute!

ZOMBIEZOO is a line of “living dead” plush pets that are cute, cuddly and just little creepy!

Each ZOMBIEZOO is 12 -15″ tall and made from a super soft fleece! They have half sewn mouths, missing eyes and have a funky inside out look that completes the zombie theme!

There are 5 ZOMBIEZOO’s in the collection:

BOO – The kitty

MUCK – The monkey

ROB – The bunny

STITCH – The pig

TOXIC – The snake

Retail – $18.99 or all five for $89.99

They’re super cute and cuddly and very well made! Definitely worth checking out!

I think the video really sums it all up.  They are scary and cute all at the same time!  How they pull it off is the real magic!

Here’s the video …. a baby meets her first ever zombie kittie.  How will she react?  With love and affection with a hint of respect for the unknown, of course!  (BONUS : What does the older guy in the zooLert Tester Army think of it?  His … playful reaction too!)

Sample provided for review.  Opinions remain my own.

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