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CONTEST OVER : Merry Holidays from zooLert – Last Giveaway of 2010!

Contact us at with the subject of :

Holidays Winner

to claim your prize.  Please send your address and preferred shirt size if you won a shirt.

Tiffany’s story made my wife cry in the cookies she was making (literally!) and Joanne’s use of the zooLert name was dead on.

Blossom Flowerpot Winner :
Tiffany Brady

MH Doll Winner :
Joanne Grady Hance

TShirt Winners :
Chelcea Queen
Dana Heisserer Daniel
Chrissy Cardamone Thornton
Chelcea Queen
Andrea Hallowell-Albee
Carrie Sells Germain
Cheryl Brazerol
Heather A Eisenhooth

Honorable mentions :
Everyone else that entered.

Thank you EVERYONE that took the time to share the stories and pictures!

We wish everyone could win this one.  It was VERY difficult picking just two.  But, going in to the new year we will have many more opportunities!

We are going to the Toy Fair for starters and have many scheduled appointments already with some of the largest (and smallest and inbetween) toy companies around!

You can be sure we will be asking to get on the sample review AND giveaway lists!

Thanks again everyone!

How did zooLert help you this holiday season?

Maybe Johnny told Santa he wanted a Kinect?

Or did Lucy say she wanted a Lalaloopsy?

Or any of those other next-to-impossible-to-find-gifts?

Did you have any idea in the world how you were going to get one before zooLert?

Tell us and/or show us your story!  We want to hear from all of you out there!

For doing so, we want to give ten of you something special.

For eight of you, we have official zooLert T-Shirts.  Look extra snazzy all year round!

But, for two of our grand prize winners…. We have something extra special.

A Clawdeen Monster High Doll for one, and, a Lalaloopsy Blossom Flowerpot for the other!

So what do you have to do?  Two things :

MANDATORY : Like us on Facebook

– Just tell us your story below in our comments here!

How can you better your odds?  (You know that’s what we are all about!  Sorry, we can’t make a tracker for this.  Sad.)

– One extra entry for telling us how you spread the word

– One extra entry for sharing a link on where you spread the word

Two(!) extra entries for leaving us a photo on our zooLert Facebook Fan Page depicting some happy faces because of the stuff you got due to zooLert!  We love creativity! We’d really love to see some pictures of happy faces getting things that were on the top of their list!

Giveaway starts today, December 24th, 2010 and ends December 26th, 2010 at 10PM EST.

The eight tshirt winners will be picked at random, by

The two grand prize winners will be hand picked by Tony and Ed.  We’re looking for creativity or something just makes us go and say “that’s why we do this!”

See full giveaway rules here.

Good luck everyone!

Santa picture courtesy of

Blossom Flowerpot Winner :
Tiffany Brady

MH Doll Winner :
Joanne Grady Hance

TShirt Winners :
Chelcea Queen
Dana Heisserer Daniel
Chrissy Cardamone Thornton
Chelcea Queen
Andrea Hallowell-Albee
Carrie Sells Germain
Cheryl Brazerol
Heather A Eisenhooth

Honorable mentions :
Everyone else that entered.

Thank you EVERYONE that took the time to share the stories and pictures!

We wish everyone could win this one.  BUt, going in to the new year we will have many more opportunities!


Select Items on Sale Up to 30% Off at – 12/26/10-12/31/10

Styled By Me Barbie at!

Select Items on Sale Up to 30% Off at! 12/26 – 12/31

We are going to try something a little new.

We are going to add toy deals and sales to the blog too!

What do you think?

Love it?

Hate it?

Give us feedback!

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NEW Lalaloopsy Clothes at Walmart? Cell phone pics! Swimsuit, PJs, Glittery Dress

Hot off the presses (or internet?), news has hit our Facebook Fan Page about NEW Lalaloopsy clothes :

Our Walmart hasn’t gotten any new Lalaloopsys yet, but they DO have the new clothes! Have you seen them? I took pics on my phone last night if you want them…. swimsuit with floaties (too cute), blue striped PJs, and glittery red/white party dress 🙂

Thanks Randi (seems like that is a common saying around here)!

Check out the pics below!

Need help finding Lalaloopsy?

We got you covered.

Use either our :

Mini Lalaloopsy In Stock Tracker


Lalaloopsy In Stock Tracker

We are even finding the two newest additions, Tippy Tumblelina and Blossom Flowerpot at Amazon!


Bieber, Bieber, Bieber OHHH!! Justin Bieber “Baby” Singing Doll Review

Ok…I have to admit…when I hear that song it sticks in my head and there’s nothing I can do to get it unstuck!

But I’m not here to review Justin Bieber’s NKOTB-esque pop hits – I’m here to review the Justin Bieber “Baby” Doll ….Action Figure?  Whatever you call it, little girls all over are going crazy to have it! We, or, should I say my niece Emily, was lucky enough to get it for review :

The 12″ replica definitely captures Justin’s boy band style and messy, but, somehow not messy hair!  He comes with a directors chair with his name on it, a microphone and a teeny copy of a Bieber laden magazine! Of course he wouldn’t be complete without his fame making song “Baby”. Push on his stomach and he plays it for 30 seconds! Just make sure to take it off demo mode or it will only play for 10 seconds.

You can also find these other versions:

Justin Bieber “One Less Lonely Girl”

Justin Bieber “Award”

Justin Bieber “Street”

Justin Bieber “Red Carpet”

He retails for about $25 and can sometimes be hard to find. Make sure to check out the Justin Bieber In Stock Tracker from zooLert!

Happy Playing!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.


uDraw GameTablet, uDraw Studio, Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure for Wii Review

So there’s been a lot of buzz about Wii’s newest accessory uDraw, and, with good reason. We were lucky enough to receive the uDraw GameTablet, Dood’s Big Adventure, Pictionary and uDraw Studio.

I’ll start with the tablet. It’s a small white handheld tablet with a 4″ x 6″ space for drawing and pressure sensitive stylus. You don’t have to worry about losing your stylus because it’s tethered to the tablet. There is also a convenient storage space for when it’s not in use.

Another feature is that the tablet is wireless – it gets its power from a traditional Wii remote docked on the left side. The Wii remote strap and wire are tucked neatly inside!

With the  SD card support  you can save and print your creations! I can’t speak on the quality of the print outs as we haven’t done that yet.

uDraw Studio

uDraw Studio is the game that comes bundled with the uDraw. The studio is a great tool to use to get you started with uDraw. Here are some of the key features.


There are 9 tools, over 100 stamps, 400x zoom, effects (sepia, neon and so on) and of course a ton of colors!

Backgrounds & Canvases

You can choose to paint in the park, at school on a chalk board or even on the sidewalk! With 11 canvases and 8 inspirational environments you can get as creative or simple as you want! The possibilities are endless!


You can view your artwork in you gallery of take advantage of the SD card and share with your friends and family!

Videos of Gameplay :

Part One –

Part Two –

Part Three –
Part Four –

Dood’s Big Adventure

There is so much going on with this game that I’m actually playing it while I review it because I don’t want to forget anything!

There are a few different ways to play this game!


When using the create mode you can choose from a plethora of options.

Dood – Use a blank Dood to make him all your own! Or create one for each family member. You can choose which Dood you want to use while playing!

Baddies – Baddies are the enemies. They are already colored in but you can change them up as well!

Free Draw – Exactly what it sounds like… Draw freely 🙂

Magic Canvases – Just like a coloring book!

Balloonimals – When your playing the game you’ll notice big, white balloon animals floating around. To make them big, colorful balloon animals go to create mode and get….creative!

Doodads – Doodads are like the Ballonimals except instead of floating in the background they’re part of the game play. Depending on which game you play you might be jumping on them or trying to avoid them.

Create Mode helps you make Dood Land (that’s what I call it) all your own! Truly a unique gaming experience!


Pen Panic – Use your stylus to draw line under Dood. The lines turn into trampolines and thrust Dood up into the air. You use the stylus again to guide him in the right direction! Splat the Baddies with ink to defeat them!

Roly Poly – My son Tommy (5) loves this one. It’s a lot like Sonic and Monkey Ball. Dood is in a ball and you tilt the tablet back and forth to get him where he needs to go. This is a good one for they younger players. No stylus needed. Just the tablet and the A button on the Wii controller.

Bubble Trouble – This is my personal favorite. Using the stylus you have to carefully navigate a bubbled up Dood through the level and try to get all the coins you can without hitting any hard surfaces or he’ll pop!

Fan Frenzy – In this game you are using your stylus as a fan. Dood is full of air – you have to use your fan to blow him through the level.

The point of all the games is to collect as many coins as you can to purchase new doodads, balloonimals and magic canvases.


Pictionary for uDraw is a virtual version of the Pictionary board game. What I like about this game is that there is the option of choosing “junior” clues or “adult” clues – that way parents and kids can both play! There is an element of trust in this game too. When the clue is revealed players are asked to shield there eyes from the screen. Another feature I like is being able to choose another clue if the original is too difficult – I think that’s very helpful when playing with kids. Overall I think it’s a great game. It’s a less messy alternative to the pencils, papers and other pieces of the original board game!

Bottom Line

uDraw is a ton of fun and I can’t wait to see what other games they’ll be coming out with!

Be sure to stop by the zooLert uDraw In Stock Tracker page to check availability!
Sample provided for review.  Opinions remain my own.


CONTEST OVER : Teacup Piggies Giveaway and Video Hands On – Loft, Runway, and Deluxe Accessories!

The Winners Are In :

Laura VanNuck-Head – Fashion Runway

Michelle Karpell Belen – Loft

Amber Peterson – Deluxe Accessories

Email us at with a subject of Oink Winner to get us your address! We are going to send out TOMORROW so please, the sooner the better!

Here’s the newest, latest and greatest giveaway from your In Stock Tracking, Toy Loving, Toy Reviewing friends at!

This time, the makers of Teacup Piggies, Toy Teck, have been nice enough to give us not one, not two, but THREE of some of the hardest to come by accessories of the Teacup Piggies!  Don’t believe us?  Have you seen the zooLert Teacup Piggies Tracker?  These things sell out FAST!

(Yes, I really went there with the Madonna song.  I’m embarrassed for me.  And yes, the kitty tried chomping on the box.  No boxes were harmed during this video – before or after.)

Ok.  So, what do you have to do to have a chance at winning one of these Teacup Piggies Accessories?

Just like us on Facebook!  Be our Fan!

It’s that easy!

From our Facebook Page, we will pick THREE winners on Wednesday, December 15th at 10PM EST.  We want to be sure to get these out to you FOR XMAS if at all possible.  No guarantees, but, we will ship them out quick once the winners are chosen!

Here’s what you can do to get EXTRA entries :

– One extra entry given for leaving us a comment below

– One extra entry given for becoming a Fan of Teacup Piggies on Facebook and letting them know we sent you

– One extra entry given for letting us know how you spread the word of

Good luck everyone!

Check out the pictures below :

Samples provided for this review.  Opinions remain my own.


Barbie Video Girl Hands On Review

This review was sponsored by

The new Barbie Video Girl is great for kids ages 6 and up. The Barbie doll has a very nice design to it, and the best part about this doll is that it contains a hidden camera in Barbie’s necklace. It also comes with a USB cord which allows you to connect your Barbie doll to your computer, and you can even upload your video onto your computer and share the video with your friends (price for the doll is $49.99). You need two AAA batteries (not included) to power the Barbie dolls camera!

When we received the Barbie Video Girl my sister freaked out! She absolutely adored the doll, because not only was this doll beautiful and elegant but you can record video with the doll. My sister loved to use the doll to video tape and playing with her friends! And they even had the opportunity to upload video onto their computer.

Video review:

Overall I would recommend you to check this doll out, because it is very detailed, and is the first Barbie doll to have a camera built-in and an LCD screen which allows you to create video so you to see everything Barbie can see! And thanks to I was able to receive this doll. So if you are out Christmas shopping and want something unique to get for your kids I would suggest you to take a look at this all new Barbie Video Girl!

Where to buy:
Barbie Girl Video Tracker

Sample provided for review. Opinions remain my own


New Squinkies Just Around the Corner – Squinkie Toons! January 2011!

Not already a Fan of Squinkies on Facebook?

Then, perhaps you missed this announcement tonight on their page :

Every wish your Squinkies were a bit more silly? Check out Squinkie Toons! Coming in January!!!

And, of COURSE, I know some of you that are learning the tracking game are wondering if some of these may show up a little early?

And… if you are thinking that, you probably know where they will show up if they do…. Toys R Us!

So, if you West Coast people start seeing them, or, if they sneak online.. Let us know!

Now… So, what do they look like?

Your burning question numbero uno is answered – have a look :

We will add them right away to the zooLert Squinkies In Stock Tracker!


CONTEST OVER : Spin Master BIG Giveaway! Hedbanz, Moon Dough, DQ Blizzard Maker, Zoobles, Liv Dolls, & Tron!

Winners announced :

Michele Karns                               DQ Blizzard Maker
Dan Pease                                       Zoobles
Randi Daivs Maerz                       Hedbanz
Joanne Grady Hance                   Hedbanz
Margaret Esposito Kanakos       DQ Blizzard Maker
Melissa Simmons                          Tron RC Car
Becky Fisher                                    Liv Doll
Alison Hess Fares                         Ultimate Tron Sam Flynn
Katrina Rust                                    Moon Dough Farm
Nicole K                                           Liv Doll

Please email us at with a subject of “Spin Maser WINNER” to ensure we see it as quick as possible with what you won and your address!

Congrats everyone!  Next, Teacup Piggies!!!!

Under promise, over deliver!

You guys keep telling everyone about us.

We want to thank you all for it.

And, Spin Master was nice enough to help us do it! They make many of the same toys you guys have been tracking on our site for stock!

You know – Spin Master – the company that brings you these product lines (and more!) :

Air Hogs on Facebook
Bakugan on Facebook
LIV on Facebook
Zoobles on Facebook

So, what do you have to do to win one of these :

2 Liv Dolls (Sophie and Katie from It’s My Nature lineup)

2 DQ Blizzard Makers

2 Hedbanz

Zoobles Razoo’s Treehouse Playset

1 Ultimate Tron Sam Flynn

1 Tron Zero Gravity RC Light Cycle

1 Moon Dough Barn

It’s simple to be one of the ten winners!

Just like us like you do.

Ok, but, HOW??? How do you do that you ask?  Simple :

Like us on the zooLert Facebook Page!  Be our fan!

Already there?  Aren’t you awesome.  (yes, yes you are.)  You’re in the running then already… Always will be for our giveaways too!

Want an extra entry?  Leave us a comment here on the zooLert Blog telling us what you would like to win and why!

Want ANOTHER extra entry?  Tell us about how you spread the word about zooLert!

And even one more entry if you can show us!

(that’s three extra entries possible for those of you playing along at home.)
Good luck!

This giveaway ENDS Sunday, December 12th, 2010 at 10PM EST!

So, hurry!  We want to be sure to get these out to reach you for the holidays!

We will announce the winners on this page and on Facebook!

Still looking to secure your Spin Master Toys?  Be sure to use our zooLert In Stock Trackers all year long to get what you need at the price you expect – retail!

And, don’t forget to check out all of our reviews for real, hands on with all these toys and more!

Again, sincerely, thanks everyone for spreading the word.  Keep it up, and we will have to keep doing this!  We double dog dare you!


Haywire Group’s Flickin’ Chicken Tournament Edition Video Review

How can you not love a game that has rubber chickens and a silly name! But there is more to this game than wacky names and squishy poultry – Flickin’ Chicken is a high energy game of strategy!

The Tournament Edition of the game includes 6 uniquely colored rubber chickens, a game disc (like a frisbee), a score pad and a storage bag.

The game is played by throwing the disc as far as you can. Next, you take turns flicking your chickens. There are nine rounds and it plays sort of like a golf game. You have to throw your chicken as close to the disc as possible – every time you miss, you get a point – just like golf.  The object of the game is to be the one with the least points by the end of the ninth round!  And to keep things interesting, the disc has two sides with a center based bonus of sorts (or not bonus).  Depending on the side it lands on after tossing, you will either add or subtract an additional point if you hit the center area of the disc upon flicking your chicken to its final resting place of the round.

Flickin’ Chicken is great because of it’s versatility. It’s a game for kids and adults, indoors and outdoors and because of the Tournament Edition’s storage bag, you can take it with you to the beach, the park or even just your backyard!

Retails for around $20 – $30, depending on version :

Flickin Chicken Tournament Edition @Amazon

Flickin’ Chicken Standard Edition @Amazon

And for an up close and personal view of the game check out our video featuring Tommy :

*No (real) chickens were harmed in the making of these films.

Getting ready :

The gameplay :

The results :

And, an outtake :

Happy Playing!

A sample was provided to facilitate this review.  Opinions remain my own.