Squinkies Squinkie Doos Salon and Spa Video Review

We were really excited to receive the Squinkie Doos Salon and Spa by Blip Toys. Squinkie Doo’s are a wacky haired throwback to the troll pencil toppers that I remember buying at the school store when I was a kid! You can choose from 4 different doos – pink monkey, green frog, yellow piglet and white puppy.

The Salon & Spa “gumball machine” comes equipped with a hair dryer, brush, two seats and two coins. You can store your squinkie doos in the gumball machine and then use the coins (or your own penny or dime) to buy them!

Ok, so, now you have the overview… Let’s get to the good stuff!  How does it work?  How do they look?  How long is the hair?  Does it fit on a pencil?

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How about some pictures :

Samples provided for review.  Opinions remain my own.

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