Star Wars Force Trainer!

The all new star wars force trainer! This toy isn’t like many other toys out there; most toys have to be played physically, for instance every time you move the toys arm it stays in that one spot until you are forced to move it again, but with this toy you have the ability to control the toy with your mind! The set is perfect for kids ages 8+ and the set comes with the force device and the brain transmitter head set. This toy has to be by far one of the most unique toys I have ever come across!

When I first received the star wars force trainer I couldn’t wait to try it out, although it was a little hard to control the toy in the beginning; it got easier to control after a while! After I got the hang of how to play with the toy my parents and sisters started to kick  in and they gave it a shot, and they just adored it, so not only is this set great for one person to play with but the entire family can get a kick out of it too. The toy was fairly easy to play with, the only problem I had was that if you don’t turn off both the head set and the force device, then you would have to recalibrate the force machine before starting your force training.

So overall I would have to say that this toy was definitely a unique and exciting toy to play with, and is defiantly something to check out when you are out Christmas shopping and want something unique and exciting to get for your kids!

Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own.

Video review:

How to calibrate the Star Wars Force Trainer

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