Mini Lalaloopsy – Hands on pictures. Thanks, MGA Entertainment!

So, this is the moment many of you have been waiting for.  Mini Lalaloopsy!

You guys are crazy for toys.  Really.  You might want to get that checked out.


Our friends over at MGA Entertainment were nice enough to give us not one, but, TWO Mini Lalaloopsy for review.

So, just what do you do with two?

Well, if you are zooLert, you crack one open.  And you dissect it and let children play with it.

The other, you give away!

And, of course… Being zooLert, we are telling you where and when to get them.

As of this writing, they are at Toys R Us in the store.  We are keeping our fingers to the keyboard, and, as soon as we find them in stock online, we will make a tracker for them, just like the our normal Lalaloopsy In Stock Tracker which helps you find Lalaloopsy in stock at places like TRU, Amazon, Walmart, and more!

So stay tuned everyone for the full hands on AND our giveaway for this HOT, HOT toy this holiday season later tonight!

UPDATE : Getting some feedback in the zooLert forums that they are in the store at Target too.  Thanks NattyLight!

UPDATE #2 : First links added to the mini lalaloopsy tracker!
zooLert Mini Lalaloopsy In Stock Tracker

* note : yes, these pictures were taken with a cell phone.  we wanted to get them up as quick as possible for you!

We were given a sample product for review.  Opinions remain my own.

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