The Holiday 2010 HOT “IT” Toy. Is There One? What Is It?

This is actually taken from an interview we did today in an email exchange.

Every year since we have existed, we have been part of KYW1060 News Radio’s Black Friday loop.

I thought it was a great summary of where we see things RIGHT NOW, today, so, I want to share it with all of you!

Here it is :

There’s no clear cut winner yet this year.


There’s one, Microsoft Kinect, that is just racing ahead of the pack, but it’s video game specific, and there is an unusual reason why.  I’ll expand but it has to do with the “hacking” community.

As for toys, there are quite a few big toys this year.  And, each one of them is racing for the coveted Tickle Me Elmo spot.  However, interestingly enough, the economy proves to be both an obstacle and platform.

I’ll explain.

It’s been commonly said amongst the media that people aren’t going to spend more than $30 on toys.

It’s actually not what we are seeing.  For instance, Dance Star Mickey, a toy with a MSRP of $60, continually sells out and remains difficult to get :

At the same time, there are a multitude of “hot it toys” this year in the $30 and under range.  From Squinkies to SingaMajigs, to Monster High Dolls to Lalaloopsy Dolls.  Or, for the higher price bracket, from Air Hogs HawkEye to the Microsoft Kinect.  And, in a art imitating life, Teacup Piggy’s to Justin Bieber dolls (yes, really)….

Everyone seems to be focused on what their family and children really want this year.

This year, so far, it’s that simple.

And, they’re making those purchases based on their families desires, not so much just only to ensure they have the one, singular, coveted “it” toy.  If it happens to be hot, so be it.  All the more fun to brag and to converse, but, it doesn’t seem to be a necessity as it has been in the past.  And, that is creating a lot of excitement and buzz overall as each toy comes in and out of the top toy position in this race!

There’s a lot of great toys this year, and, while people are choosing to buy less overall perhaps, but, they are buying what they want.

One toy that will likely be an iconic memory this year will be the Santa SingAMaJig when Toys R Us officially launches it onto the world.  It is already demanding high prices online at venues such as Ebay and Amazon through third party sellers.

It’s really an interesting year for us!

But, I’ll expand when we talk.  Who knows.  Maybe something will finally expose itself as the final winner by the time we talk.  It seems to change every day.


Agree?  Disagree?  Let us know!

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