All Aboard! Learning Curve’s Dinosaur Train Dino Fun Buddy Review

If you have a child who loves everything dinosaurs, Learning Curves’ Dinosaur Train Dino Fun Buddy is a must have!

Buddy, the adopted T Rex, comes equipped with the conductor’s pocket watch, 15 train tickets and a backpack to store the tickets! Each ticket has a different dinosaur species on it. When you insert the ticketinto the watch it starts tell you facts about that dinosaur. There are a total of 100 dinosaur facts!

To switch to Quiz Mode take the ticket out and press the face of the watch. Buddy will ask questions such as “Which dinosaur is the heaviest?” or “Which dinosaur  starts with the letter P?”. Answer the question buy sticking the correct train ticket into the watch! If you’re right the train whistle goes off!

My son Tommy (5) loves it! He’s learning a ton of fun facts about his favorite dinos! And he’s learning it from the familiar face of one of his favorite shows!

Fun, educational and affordable! These are a few of my favorite things!

This toy is definitely worth checking out!

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Happy Playing!

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