zooLert Unboxing – Kids Edition of Hedbanz – The iCarly What Am I Game!

We have had SO MUCH traffic and so many requests for us to check Hedbanz out first hand, we are doing something new for the first time.

For those not in the know, this is just like the game of What Am I that they play in the episode of iCarly!!!  Yes, that is why it is so hot and hard to find Hedbanz in stock.  Now you know 🙂

We haven’t completed the video of actual gameplay yet, but, since everyone is so excited to see what it has and what it is all about…

Bravo to the people that make it look so easy and pull it off in a very debonair way.  Talking, opening, and generally trying to keep the video even just the least bit interesting..  Bravo to you that do it.   I tried.

And now that you are sure you must have it, make sure you use our tracker to find it in stock at places like Amazon, TRU, Walmart and more :

zooLert’s Spin Master Hedbanz in Stock Tracker

We were given a sample of this product for review.  Opinions remain my own.

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