Squinkies – HOLIDAY EDITION?? TRU Exclusive! We have a picture.

UPDATE 11/25/10 :

These are NOW available online RIGHT NOW!!!  Click here to get them!

Have you heard or seen the up and coming Squinkies TRU Exclusive Holiday Edition 50 pack?

No, you say?

Have a look at this bad boy then :

Oh yea.

And, this is the link it will be at (more than likely) :

Squinkies HOLIDAY TRU EXCLUSIVE online at Toys R Us!

We are working hard to get it into the tracker in a way that we can let you know easily… When stuff isn’t there temporarily or permanently, we show Title Not Available.  All our data is real….

Anyway, we’re working on that but keep checking the link above!

And, don’t forget to use the zooLert Squinkies In Stock Tracker to find squinkies at places like TRU, Walmart, Amazon and more!

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