Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect – Uh! What is it good for? A zooLert PSA.

One of the holiday season’s biggest run away successes in terms of add on hardware since the Nintendo Wii Fit is just about to get even hotter and harder to find as the days march forward to Christmas.

Why you ask?

Just have a look here for that answer :

Kinect OpenSource [News]

You see, even though Microsoft is against such work, the open source community is just taking off at an incredible rate with the Microsoft Kinect

So what does this mean for you, the “regular” people out there?

The Kinect is likely going to continue to be hard to get …. and, as new and cool programs are invented by the mass of programmers in the world and online, the Kinect will be more and more scarce.  Once more Minority Report type applications come out, more and more people are going to be making the move to buy!

So, take this as a warning if you are on the fence.

And, if you need help, as always, we are here keeping tab on stock at all major online stores :

zooLert’s Microsoft Xbox Kinect In Stock Tracker

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