LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (4842)

The new Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle set of 2010. This set comes with 10 mini figures and 1290 pieces; this set is great for kids ages 9+. The set comes with amazing details such as colored windows, the entire building opens, and detailed stickers. The set is a new release from Lego making this set definitely something to check out, and the best part is this set features one of America’s favorite book and movie series, harry potter! After finishing the set I was stunned, I felt as if I had the entire Hogwarts castle right in front of me! This set was definitely more than just any ordinary Lego set, because after I finished playing with the set I felt as if I was really in the movie! But not only is this set perfect to play with but it is also fantastic for modeling.

When I first purchased the new Lego Harry Potter Lego set I was just shocked with the actual size of the set! And the best part about the set was that each section of the castle had either connectors, or joints, which gave the set the ability to move or pose and defiantly gave the set a whole new meaning, and it gave me a different view of playing with Lego’s; that was a lot more fun and exciting! What was also extremely nice about the set was that Lego just blew my mind with the detail, from the arches to the tiles; I believe that this set has been one of Lego’s best sets ever created! I was also very pleased to see that Lego included 10 mini figures for more fun, and you can place each character with in the castle to!

Overall I believe that Lego has created one of the best Lego sets ever, I have had a lot of experience when it comes to Lego and these new Lego sets just blew my mind and I believe that this set is defiantly worth it’s price for only $129.99 you get 1290 pieces and 10 mini figures, and the entire set can be posed in to anything you would like! So if you’re out Christmas shopping I would definitely recommend the all new Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle!

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